Do You Ever Have a Hard Time Praying?

Anyone else have a hard time praying sometimes? Anyone else find themselves all over the place, with thoughts and emotions flying around when they are trying to talk with Jesus? - My prayer last night went like this:

Ugh God, my mind is spinning I can’t sleep.

Okay, I will just talk to you... What should we talk about? Have any ideas?

Honestly, I have a lot to do these days. How am I going to get all this done?

Life goes by so fast. Think you could slow down the clock?

Gosh, sometimes I’m so busy I feel like I’m missing out on the moment.

Am I a bad mom? Why do kids grow up so fast? Ugh, my heart hurts so much thinking about them not being little anymore. *cue tears*

Okay, I’m just going to focus on thankfulness.

Thank you for everything God. I am so blessed. Do I tell you thank you enough? If I don’t, I’m sorry!

Thanks for my husband. *Thinks of something funny husband said and giggles to self*

I’m thankful for my family. I love my parents so much. How could I ever live without them? *cue more tears*

Ughhh, stop. Why am I doing this to myself?!

Focus on Him!!

Shoot, I forgot to call that client today. CRAP.

Wait, no, focus! Sorry God.

Why did you make my brain so weird?

I guess I can’t really blame you for this.

Anyways, Do you know I really love you, Jesus?

I really do. I’m so grateful.

*cue tears, again*

Thanks for loving me. Even with this spastic mind of mine.

I’ll be back to talk more in approximately 1 minute.


You know what’s amazing? God likes our jumbled, emotional, scatter-brained prayers.

He loves that we go to Him with it.

Sometimes my prayers might be more fluid. Sometimes they are more angry. Sometimes they are just one emotional cry for help.

He loves it. All of it.

He already knows it all, but when we bring it to Him, we are acknowledging that He is the one who deserves our attention, and He is the one who can do the healing.

God already has us set up for victory. He’s given us the Spirit that intercedes on our behalf, even when we don’t know what to pray for.

He’s the best.

He wants to hear from you, friends. He loves you so much and wants to do this life with you.

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