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God is with You Everywhere, in Everything, and with Everyone.

Updated: 5 days ago

There really isn’t a better feeling in the whole world than knowing I’m dwelling in the presence of God.

Nothing else matters as much there.

It’s me, and my Creator... it’s rejuvenating and powerful in a way nothing else is.

I find myself often longing to be in God’s presence. I certainly can tell when I’ve drifted from it.

When I start to feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Or when I’m easily angered and irritated by everything (and sometimes nothing).

I can tell when I need Him.

So I go to Him.

I pray He fills me up with His spirit which I so clearly and desperately need.

He is such a gracious God.

Because I do this often, and He still takes me in.

But today as I was asking Him to meet me in the place that is just ours, because I was feeling so empty, I saw a picture pop into my mind.

It was a picture of a gas pump.

And I began to understand that He was showing me that I shouldn’t be treating His presence like I do gas in my car.

I’m one of those people who often notice I need gas when I’m almost on empty. Dangerously close, usually.

So I go to the gas station and fill it.

Only to do it again a few weeks later.

God reminded me today that His presence isn’t something I should just come and go to, as needed.

It’s not good for me to go to Him to get filled up, just to walk away, back into my daily life, and return only when I’m dangerously close to empty.

No.. He invites me to dwell with Him.


All day.

Not coming and going.

Instead of me thinking my 10 minutes of scripture reading in the morning will be all I need of Him that day, I could actually remain in His presence while doing anything and everything that my day entails.

Going to the grocery store.

Going to work.

Playing with my kids.

Spending time with my husband.

Going for walks.

Doctors, dentists, and any other appointments.

Cleaning and making food.

He showed me I can be just as aware of Him in my daily life tasks as I am when I am “intentionally” spending time with Him.

Because He wants to be a part of it all.

And He can work in it all.

His presence isn’t a gas pump to run to when I’m thirsty and desperate (although He will accept us in this state, too).

His presence can be my constant. My foundation.

The thing I have with me no matter where I am. No matter who I'm with. No matter what I'm doing.

He doesn’t call us to run on empty and then find Him, friends.

He calls us to live with Him, hand in hand, through the good and bad... always.

That’s the kind of God we have.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog


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