He Delights In You

By now, you’ve probably heard about recent events concerning John MacAruthur’s comments on Beth Moore. I’m sure you’ve read many different opinions, and so I’m not here to tell you what you should think. However, my heart genuinely feels heavy for the women who’ve heard this, and have since questioned their role or their importance in the Church and in life.

Listen to me, sister.

God didn’t make women and then say, “she shall go home, and not be apart of my amazing story.”

If that’s what He really intended, He would have left out an awful lot of stories about women that He intentionally put in the Bible.

When He looks at you, He is delighted in the glory you bring and will continue to bring to His kingdom.

That might be in your home, and that might be absolutely anywhere else.

Because when He says, “go and make disciples of all nations”, He is talking to you.

When He says that we are His handiwork, created to do good works, which He prepared in advance for us to do, He is talking about you.

When He says be the light of the world, He is talking about you.

No one can cover or diminish the light of Jesus that shines in and through you. No one.

That light is His, and He will never stop using you to bring others to Him.

Your purpose, sweet sister, requires you to know God, study His word, and to spread it to the world, in whatever form that may be.

Eyes up. Chin up.

Keep learning, keep praying. Keep running to Jesus and living in the plan He Himself paved for you.

You are so necessary to His plan.

And sister, remember that He is proud to call you His.

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