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Here is What I Want, Lord. But Help Me Want Your Will Even More.

I can easily lay it all out there for you, Jesus.

I can tell you my hopes and dreams.

I can beg you to answer my prayers.

I know how to tell you what it is that I want.

I do it all the time.

But Jesus, your will be done.

That is ultimately what I want my heart song to sound like.

I hope and pray for this, but even if it doesn’t happen that way...

I want your will.

Even if it’s not mine.

Even if it hurts.

Because even if your plans don’t align with mine, I know your plans are always good.

There are so many things my heart desires and I’m not afraid to tell you.

Help me to desire your will most.

Because I know that’s how it needs to be.

And even if it aches my soul, I want to be a part of your great plan.

Help me lay my plans aside when they collide with yours.

Help me remember that I can’t see what you can see.

Your will is always the way, it’s always good, and it’s always what this world needs.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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