His Masterpiece

I imagined you in a million ways. As soon as I knew you existed, I started imagining you. I thought about what your cute face might look like. What your giggles would sound like. I wondered what you would like to do for fun.

I just knew deep in my soul that you would be something amazing.

But God... wow. He did so much better than I ever could have imagined.

Because that’s how God rolls.

His thoughts and ideas are so much bigger and better than ours. So, so much better.

I see His fingerprints all over you.

That smile. Those eyes. Your energy. Your incredible heart.

The idea of you just being a coincidence... it just can’t be.

You are a little image bearer of the Creator.

You, my sweet child, are the best example I have of how brilliant the Lord is.

He thought you up.

He imagined you.

He did it way better than I could.

I’m forever thankful I get to be a part of loving one of His masterpieces.

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