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If You Can’t Get Through This on Your Own, it’s Okay. You aren’t on Your Own.

I truly believe at the end of each battle we fight, we can look back and see how much we’ve grown.

Hardship not only grows us, it fine-tunes us.

But I know in the midst of it, it doesn’t feel that way.

Instead, it can feel like we are drowning and being crushed by waves.

It can be so painful.

Suffering has a way of blinding us from hope of the future. It makes us believe that we will never feel better, and that suffering is all we will experience.

The truth is, sometimes we do suffer for a while.

And sometimes we will never look back and like what happened.

But friend, you will get up again.

Whether or not you stand up on your own, or need to be lifted up… you will stand again.

God lifts us out of the depths of darkness. He hears our cries and heals us. He pulls us out of the grave, giving us another chance at life (Psalm 30).

On our own, we may not make it. We may not have the strength to make it.

But the beauty is that we never have to do it alone.

God literally shares His strength with us through His Spirit.

It’s hard to see it now, friend, but you will change from this.

You will be stronger.

Because through the hardship, you had to rely on God’s strength to keep going.

This is what it means to be living on grace- to know you can’t make it on your own and needing to rely on Him to keep moving forward.

It’s heart breaking to experience, but suffering also creates perseverance in us.

If you feel broken down right now, if you feel like you’ll never be able to move forward…

Listen for His whispers..

He will remind you He is close to your pain. He knows your suffering.

He will tell you this isn’t how your story ends.

He will tell you, after this all ends, you won’t be ruined… you will be stronger because you experienced His life-changing strength.

~The Unraveling Blog with Kelli Bachara

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