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Lord, Help Our Downcast Souls Remember You.

My soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember you. Psalm 42:6

I read this verse and it jumped off the page at me.

“Downcast” is a great way to describe the state many of our souls feel like they are in.

In fact, “downcast” feels like an understatement.

On a cultural and worldly level things are so, so messy... and broken.

Individually, many of us are going through our own sufferings, too.

I can literally sense the grief in this world, and it’s so heavy.

So yeah, our souls are downcast.

Notice how the next part says “therefore, I will remember you.”

Therefore meaning, because my soul is downcast, I know the answer is to remember you, God.

To remember who YOU are.

To remember your promises.

To remember how you did what you did so that we could be free.

To remember that you are with each and every one of us right this very moment.

To remember that you will never ever leave us.

To remember that you are our only Hope.

When my soul is downcast, ALL I can do is remember you.

It’s the best coping strategy we have.

Because no matter how bad we feel, remembering you means we are remembering the truth.

That this life on earth is only a tiny fraction of eternity.

But even this life we have on earth is one that you want to use for your glory.

We are going to suffer, but you also have abundant life for us.

You can use this for good. All of it.

Not one bad thing can enter earth and you not flip it for good.

Jesus, help us remember.

Because your love is only thing that is bigger than this world and all that’s happening in it.

Remembering you is the answer.

Lord, even right this moment, help us remember.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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