Peace Himself

Peace. God wanted us to experience peace perfectly. It’s how He always intended it. Us with Him, hand in hand.

We are hard wired for peace.

That’s why we are all chasing it. Whether we recognize it or not.

Peace in our relationships. Peace in our finances. Peace in our health. Peace in our future. Peace in our hearts and mind.

We are all making choices and doing things to obtain peace.

We are told peace comes from setting ourselves up well for the future. Or by taking good care of ourselves. Or by surrounding ourselves by the right people. Or by getting alone time and deep breathing.

We are told that peace is obtainable through our actions, attitudes or our assets.

Oh, how the world has confused us.

It’s not that these things are bad to pursue, they aren’t.

But these things alone certainly won’t give you peace.

They may give you a temporary sense of calmness, or relaxation.

But peace isn’t found there. Peace isn’t something we can create for ourselves.

Peace is actually embodied in a person. Just one.

“For He Himself is our peace.” -Ephesians 2:14

The Prince of Peace. Jesus.

We can spend our whole lives trying to settle the chaotic stirring in our souls by doing things we think will bring peace.

Or we can go to Peace Himself, and get to know Him.

We can spend time and learn from Peace Himself.

The beautiful thing is that He gives us what He has.

He gives peace differently than the world, and that’s what makes Jesus unlike anything else we will ever experience.

His peace is not circumstantial, friends.

Whatever storm is happening in your life, He can bring His peace right into that storm.

He’ll sit right in it with us.

Peace is a gift, and Jesus is the best giver. It’s available to you right now.

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