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Please Don't Get Too Old For Me

Please don’t get too old for me. I know I won’t be able to pick you up forever. You are already half my size. But please, don’t get too old to sit next to me, and rest your head on my shoulder. I love having you near. I know you won’t always want to run into my arms and spin around in circles, giggling uncontrollably. But please, don’t get too old to not laugh and joke with me. Your laugh is quite possibly the greatest sound my ears have ever heard.

I know you won’t always want me to lay next to you at night as you talk yourself to sleep. But please, don’t get too old to not share your thoughts with me. I love hearing what’s going on in your mind.

I know I won’t always be your first priority, like I am now. Spending time with your ole mom and dad might not be your top choice. But please don’t get too old to make memories with me. I love just being with you.

I know I can’t always keep you safely close to me. You are going to grow up and become your own person. But please, don’t get too old to ask for help or for advice. I find so much joy in helping guide you through this life.

Please don’t get too old for me, my child.

Because without much intentional effort or decision, you’ve become the center of my world. I can’t think about life without thinking about you.

I know I’m the center of yours right now, too.

Yet, that’s going to change for you... And I know it will have to change for me, as well.

Even though I want you to grow into an independent person, letting you go will be one of the hardest things I ever do.

Not because I don’t want you to go out into the world and the amazing human God created you to be.. but because from the moment I’ve met you I’ve loved you more than you could even imagine.

More than I ever could have imagined.

So my baby, let’s make a deal...

As you grow, I’ll give you the space to do so, and give you the room to just be you.

If you promise to never get too old for me.

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