Showing Emotions

I don’t know where this notion came that showing emotions is weak. Have you ever sat in sadness? Have you ever took the time to process through grief? Have you ever looked fear in the face? You know what would be easier than doing any of these things?

Binge watching Netflix with a bottle of wine and eating junk food. Or spending a bunch of money on clothes. Or avoiding what’s scary and trying to control everything and everyone around me. Or drugs. Or pornography. Or doing absolutely anything else that could give us a temporality feeling of numbness.

Honestly, feeling emotions doesn’t make you weak... it makes you strong. Because emotions are incredibly hard sometimes, and so oftentimes people opt out.

I want to remind you, especially those of you who have big emotions stirring inside you right now.. When God desinged His children, He knitted emotion into their DNA. They aren’t there for no reason.

How you’re feeling doesn’t make you crazy. It doesn’t make you too much. It doesn’t make you too sensitive.

It makes you human.

And this notion out there that showing emotion is weak is incredibly damaging because it’s making people hide what they are feeling. They just keep stuffing emotions down, further and further. And the results of this can be devastating.

Do you know why??

Because those emotions people are stuffing down DON’T GO AWAY.

They sit in there and get tangled in a huge mess.

And inevitably, they will make there way out of us. Oftentimes they pop out in ways that don’t make sense and at times that don’t make sense.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before?

Getting really angry about something small. Crying your eyes out about something fairly insignificant. Feeling anxiety and fear towards specific things or maybe towards everything.

We start to wonder what the heck is wrong with us that we are responding so big to something so small.

But the truth is, we might be responding to all the things that happened that we never worked through or allowed ourselves to feel.

Because it’s all still in there.

This, friends, is what it’s so destructive to continue with the lie that our emotions aren’t ok, and need to be shoved away.

Our emotions are so powerful, and we shouldn’t let them run our lives. But we do need to acknowledge what’s happening inside of us.

We eventually need do the introspective work of looking within, and see what’s underlying all our junk.

I recommend doing this with a professional, but heck, start with a trusted friend if you need.

Get it up and out. Don’t let stuffed emotions run your life anymore.

It’s scary to feel emotion, but I’d argue it’s scarier to have emotions rule you.

If you were taught or told your emotions didn’t matter, or weren’t “ok”, I’m so sorry.

God made us to feel emotions- all of them. He didn’t make a mistake.

It’s through the un-stuffing and processing through it all that God can do what He does best- heal.

You will find through this process that feeling emotions is anything but weakness.

It’s strength, and it leads you to freedom.

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