Sometimes, I Don't Feel God

Sometimes I don’t feel God. I sometimes even have little thoughts pop into my mind saying, “is this even real?” I don’t feel the goose bumps or energy throughout my body.

I don’t get words or picture from Him.

No verses come to mind.

I don’t get answers to my questions.

I don’t feel much of anything, and then I wonder where He is.

Good thing my feelings don’t dictate the truth about God.

Good thing my feelings don’t change Him in any way.

And so even when I feel disconnected, I get to choose to still believe His truth.

That’s faith. Believing in what we cannot see... And what we may not feel.

I’ll feel Him again, but for now, I’m not going to live based off my feelings.

I’m going to live based on the truth.

And be grateful for God who doesn’t waver like my feelings do.

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