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The Day You See Hope in the Heartache

It’s hard to believe it sometimes.

But it is actually possible to experience heartache and hope at the same time.

You can be grieving something deeply, while trusting that life won’t always feel this way and healing will come.

But usually at the beginning, heartache takes the driver’s seat.

And sometimes hope is so far back you can’t see it in your rear view mirror.

Time goes on though, and you have to keep going.

In the meantime, God does something in your heart.

One day, you look in that rear view and you see hope coming. It’s still distant, but you see it.

Then, more times and more Jesus happen.

You look behind you and see how much closer hope is getting.

In fact, it’s almost right next to you.

Then one day, Hope is as close to you as heartache is.

You decide it’s time to jump into hope’s car and take it for a spin.

Heartache is still there and you aren’t afraid to acknowledge it.

But heartache isn’t the one you want driving you anymore.

More time and Jesus lead to more healing and you realize that hope is now in front.

Some days you see heartache in your rear view, other days you don’t.

Either way, you know you are going to be okay.

Heartache and hope can happen simultaneously.

But ultimately, Jesus made it so that hope conquers everything.

So regardless of where you are at in your pain, pay attention to the rear view.

Looking for hope does not mean dismissing your pain.

It means acknowledging your pain and also acknowledging the hope that you always have in Jesus.

Hope is coming for you, friend.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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