There Are People Out There Who Feel Crushed to the Ground

There are people out there right now who feel crushed into the ground. They are weighed down by the shame, grief, rejection or disappointment they feel. They feel like they are at the end of the rope.

They are out there, and there are a lot of them.

It makes me so sad to think about all the people who are hurting alone. Sometimes it feels so helpless knowing I can’t help them.

But God reminds me that I can.

It’s through this thing called prayer.

Prayer often gets a bad rep. People get annoyed when our response to things is “we should pray for them.”

And I get it. Sometimes we need prayer and action.

But to downplay the power of prayer is actually exactly what the enemy wants.

Because when we are praying, we are accessing heaven. We are connecting with the God of the universe who can do anything.

Just because praying might be viewed as arbitrary, doesn’t mean it is.

Prayer changes things. It changes the atmosphere in ways we can’t even comprehend.

I think if we could see just how much prayer changes things in the spiritual realm... we would pray constantly, and never brush it aside.

So tonight I think that’s exactly how we can help those who are struggling who are not within our personal reach.

We can pray that the heaviness is lifted. We can pray that they become aware of Jesus’s presence. We can pray that they don’t give up on hope.

We may never see what happens from our prayers, but we don’t need to.

Because that’s the thing about God...

He knows exactly who needs those prayers.

He knows them by name.

He knows exactly where they are located, and exactly what they need in this moment.

He is listening.

So let’s send up the prayers to the One who can do something with them.

And friend, if this is you who is just barely hanging on, please know we are lifting you up in prayer.

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