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This is a “Just do What You Can” Type of Christmas

It’s okay if this is a “just do what you can” type of Christmas.

It’s okay if things aren’t decorated. Heck, maybe you didn’t even get the decorations out this year.

It’s okay if the gifts aren’t bought or wrapped. That might need to get postponed or maybe even skipped this year.

You might not have big plans for the holidays. No church service or party. You might feel like you need to make new traditions to make this year feel special.

That’s great if you do that, but it’s also okay if you don’t.

Just do what you can.

You may not feel warm and fuzzy and full of Christmas spirit. In fact, you may feel pretty sad. That’s okay- you are allowed to feel that.

You might find you simply don’t have the same motivation to do what you typically do around a Christmas.

Do you know that’s okay? Can you give yourself a break this year?

People may put expectations and pressure on you to do more than you can. You have the right to say “not this year.” You are allowed to make boundaries.

Just do what you can.

And let the rest go.

Because this year has been heavy and exhausting and we might just not have it in us to do it all.

It’s different this year. But it doesn’t mean it will always feel this way.

Do what you can. Look for the beauty in your current circumstance. But know it’s okay if things aren’t perfect.

They don’t need to be.

A simple Christmas where you are taking care of yourself might just be exactly what you need.

So, just do what you can.

And know that right now, that’s enough.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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