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I Miss "The Mark", but Jesus Meets it for Me.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Sometimes I just miss the mark.

By like 100 miles.

I was way too impatient with my kids.

I barely talked to my husband.

I was so tired at work.

I haven’t talked to my friends in weeks.

I’m slacking in the health department.

I think everyone is disappointed in me.

It feels like I’m failing in all the areas of life.

And so I bring this to Jesus, tell Him the honest truth that I just can’t do all this.

I tell Him I’m just not cutting it.

He doesn’t meet me with agreement.

He doesn’t scold.

He doesn’t tell me to do better or else...

He has grace. He has so much compassion. He just pours out love that covers all my flaws.

He is so kind. He is so understanding. And He reminds me that the one thing I’m doing right is going to Him.

He’s happy to have me. Even at my worst.

To you, the person feeling heavy and feeling like you just aren’t getting it right.. He wants you, too.

With all your junk. With all your mistakes.

Even when you are a mile off of "the mark".

He will meet you with love.

And then His love will change you in ways that can’t quite be explained.

Transformation occurs not when we figure out how to “do it all”, but when we recognize we can’t, and surrender it to God.

It’s such a beautiful and difficult process all at once.

Instead of trying to hide it all, or pretend it didn’t happen, just go to Him with it.

Bring all of it to Him.

Because we all miss the mark.

But meeting the mark was never what made Him love us anyway.

He meets it for us.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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