Your Identity

Sometimes I think we really don’t recognize just how unstable and ever-changing things of this world really are. Literally, everything. We walk around putting our identity into things that are of this world, essentially setting ourselves up for disappointment and heartache.

I know I’ve done it.

We can put our identity in who we are as a parent or spouse, but that family dynamic will change, and could even change drastically. Then what?

We can put our identity in our career, but people get fired, get tired of their job, or eventually may retire. Then what?

We can put our identity in our appearance. But we will all age and our bodies will change. Then what?

We can put our identity in our achievements. But we will inevitably fail, because we are human. Then what?

What do we do when what we have put our identity in is shaken and no longer something we can call as our own?

Sometimes we search eagerly for a new identity, only to have the same thing happen again.

Nothing on this earth is stable enough to put our identity into.

If it’s of this world, it can change.

Jesus does not.

He is the only thing that will remain. He is the only thing that time and chaos will not ruin.

He calls us sons and daughters. He calls us image bearers. He calls us chosen.

If you want to find your real identity, you need to look to the One who gives you an identity.

Jesus is forever, and that’s exactly how long He wants you.

That’s an identity that won’t ever fail you.

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