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Behind the Screen- Real Mom Life

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

We can make our lives look well put together and make it seem like being a mom is a piece of cake on social media. But... let's not. I am getting real.

Social media is weird. You either have people showing only the highlights of their life, making it look like their life is perfect. Or, you have people constantly complaining about how hard and bad things are making their life to appear disastrous. Neither one is wrong, it's just not a good depiction of the full picture of one's life.

I have too often compared myself to the girl with the perfect hair, the family with the perfect kids (because you know, a still picture can definitely show you the temperament of children🙄), and I've even believed that I must lack in happiness compared to others .. BASED ON PICTURES. That's kind of insane.

And yes, I've compared myself to Debbie Downer thinking, well, at least I'm not going through that!

What if we started posting very real pictures of our life? They don't need to be good or bad. Just real. I know it's probably not as exciting as the awesome new job promotion or the drama in Debbie's rant, but it's relatable. I think we all want to feel relatable.

I'll start. Here is a picture of me trying to attempt to get ready for the day with a baby. The only way I can put makeup on is if I put the baby in my lap and distract him with my makeup. Idk.. He loves my brushes. Notice the pile of laundry around me on every side.. yep 🤷‍♀️Also, do you see how dirty my mirror is?! That's breastmilk from a couple months ago that came out of a bottle😂😂😂 I STILL HAVEN'T WASHED IT, WHY GOD WHY?! And let's not forget Aaron Rodgers head that's been hanging on our mirror for over a year and still scares me!!!

Your turn, let's see some real photos of what life is really like behind the scenes and behind the screens of your life!

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