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A Mom Knows Her Babies By Heart

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

If a kid is lucky, there will be many special adults in their life.

Incredible grandparents who love them like their own kiddos (and spoil them a whole lot more).

Fun aunties and uncles they look up to.

Their parent’s best friends who become just as close and important as family.

Each of these people bring a little more love into a kid’s life and will play an important role.

But I think in many cases, no matter how many people love that kiddo...

Their mama knows them best.

Mamas know their babies better than anyone.

She knows every detail. Ever quirk. Every habit they have and can read them like a book.

From the day they are born, a mama spends each day observing, noticing and loving her little people.

It’s something mamas do. It’s innate.

Mamas can see the tantrum coming before it begins.

They know how they like their crust cut off, and exactly how they eat their cereal.

They know how tight they like their shoes, and know how to distract them long enough to get their socks on.

A mama knows you have to tell them that one special story at night, and do that trick to brush their teeth.

She can sense when something isn't right with her baby.

A mama knows because those little humans are the center of her world.

A mama doesn’t usually get the glory- she typically isn’t the one who does the spoiling and might not be the most "wild" and "fun" one...

But no doubt, she knows her babies best.

She knows them by heart. Because they are a huge piece of her heart.

And that’s why a mama is often a person’s greatest source of comfort.

Even as an adult.

It's why a grown adult will still seek comfort in their mom.

Because with our mamas, we really feel known.

~Unraveling Motherhood with Kelli Bachara

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