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It's Hard to Believe Now, But this Too Shall Pass.

Grief can hit like a punch to the stomach.

Anxiety and worry can feel like bricks crushing our chest.

Overwhelm can consume us, leaving us feeling so weak.

There are times in life that no matter how hard we try to think “positive”, we cannot deny or outrun the emotions we are experiencing.

David explains what so many of us experience, in Psalms 31:9-10,

“Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am in distress, my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and body with grief. My life is consumed by anguish and my years by groaning, my strength fails because of my affliction, and my bones grow weak.”

Sorrow, grief, anguish, groaning, affliction, weakness.

It’s not a “maybe”, it’s a “for-sure” that at some point we will all walk through these emotions.

In fact, some of us are experiencing them right now.

When you’re in the midst of life’s greatest hardships, it feels hard, impossible even, to see beyond it.

It’s like suffering has a way of blinding us from hope, and making us feel like we will never get through it.

But we do get through it.

You will get through this, too.

Because like everything in life, this too shall pass.

And listen, I know there’s some pain and loss we’ll carry for our entire life on earth. I’m not saying we’ll get completely “over” it (although that’s possible, too).

But the way you feel completely slammed and overcome by your emotions right now… that will pass.

I know it’s hard to believe.

But there will come a day when you will be able to think about other things, too.

You’ll be able to laugh and smile again.

You’ll be more open to people and life.

Even if you are carrying around grief.

When we turn to God for healing, He heals. Period.

It can be a long process, but you will not remain in the same spot that you are right now.

So as much as it hurts to be in this place, remember that it won’t always feel like this.

David, who was no stranger to suffering, also wrote this in Psalm 9: 9-10,

“The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

He doesn’t leave us as we are, friends.

This will pass because He will carry us forward.

I know it’s hard to believe right now, but someday you’ll see.

You’ll see how that hopeless situation turned.

You’ll see the purpose that came from the heartache.

You’ll see how God healed your wounds.

You’ll see His goodness.

It’s a promise.

~The Unraveling Blog with Kelli Bachara

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