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A Mama’s Prayer for Sons

My amazing son,

In this crazy world, I find myself often whispering prayers on your behalf.

I pray you will know Jesus. Not just the idea of a Him, but really know Him. I pray you’ll spend your life being a man after His own heart.

I pray that when you see a need, you’ll be the first to lend a helping hand. I pray you’ll always stop to help the hurting, and make time to walk alongside the broken.

I pray you won’t seek power over others, but that you’ll seek to empower others.

I pray that you won’t lose that twinkle in your eye. I pray that you’ll find joy in the seemingly mundane and appreciate this beautiful, messy life.

I pray you strive for purity in a world that tells you not to. I pray that your future spouse does the same.

I pray you won’t fall for our culture’s stereotype that men are passive and unemotional. I pray you’ll feel things in big ways. I pray you’ll be moved by the things the Lord is moved by. I pray you’ll mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice.

I pray you won’t be too proud to ask for forgiveness or too bitter to give it.

I pray that you’ll stand up for women, that you’ll see them as equals. I pray that you will treat women you meet with respect and dignity, and acknowledge they are God’s daughters and should be treated as such.

I pray you associate yourself with kind-hearted people. I pray that you’ll include those who are different than you. I pray you’ll invite in those who are lonely. And I pray the people around you take good care of your heart.

I pray you won’t be ashamed to live out the gospel, even when it might not be cool.

I pray that you’ll know your worth doesn’t come from your achievements or lack there of. I pray that you’ll know you are worthy because the Lord created you intricately and intentionally. He wanted you to exist.

I pray that when life gets hard, when you experience heartache and grief, that you’ll be reminded this is not your forever home. I pray your eyes will be set on eternity.

I pray that you’ll know your mama loves you more than words, but no one loves you more than Jesus, not even close.

I pray that this will be a good life for you, my sweet boy. I pray that you’ll have big love and big faith.

I pray that you know your mama’s prayers were answered when you came into this world. And that’s why I keep praying now.

I’ll pray for you forever, my son.


~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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