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A Night Time Prayer for the Hurting Heart.

Lord Jesus,

You see the heartache of your child. You know it intimately, because you sit in it with them.

You know their situation, their thoughts and emotions. You understand them better than anyone does.

It’s so hard to be heartbroken, but it can be especially difficult at night.

When we can’t distract. When we lay in the darkness and the gut-wrenching aching in our soul can’t be avoided.

Lord, I ask that you will whisper your truth into the broken parts.

And breathe your breath of life into the places that feel like they are dying.

I pray God, that even in their pain, they will feel your love and peace wrap around them like a warm blanket.

And that they will know more than anything, they are held. Right now in this moment.

You are the sustainer.

You are the one who gives us the strength to do another day, even if it’s barely getting by.

Even if the only thing keeping us afloat is your grace that surrounds us.

So, as your daughter or son lay their head on their pillow tonight, I pray they feel your presence so near.

That they know as they lay in that room, they aren’t alone at all.

They are surrounded by heaven.

They are loved by a God who heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

Jesus, I know you don’t guarantee a pain free life, but I know you can give us hope even in the pain.

Hope that the heartache won’t last forever.

Hope that your plan is still good.

Thank you for loving your children so much that you don’t leave them in the darkness and aching pain.

Thank you for sitting with us in the pain.

It’s an honor to have you near.


~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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