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A Prayer for the Disappointed Heart

Dear Jesus,

I know you see the disappointment in your children’s hearts.

I know you get it.

You actually can feel the aches in our heart in your own heart.

God, I pray for your presence to collide with our disappointment.

That even though things are not the way we want them to be, we are unable to ignore the fact that you are near.

We can’t push away the whispher’s coming from you that say, “you are going to be okay.”

God, I pray that the one thing that stands out more than our disappointment is your love and faithfulness.

Help us put our expectations into perspective. Help us focus on what matters most.

Give us the strength to let go of the things we cannot control, and be open to the beautiful and amazing work that you can do during this time.

Thank you for carrying our burdens and taking the pressure off of us to perform.

There is no need to perform and strive as your children.

We need only to keep our eyes fix on you, even in the disappointment.

Because no human disappointment comes close to being bigger than your goodness and glory, but sometimes that’s so hard for us to see.

Help us see.

God, I pray that we would be so consumed with and focused on you that we can’t help but feel hope for the future, too.

Because there is always hope with you.

Our disappointments don’t change who you are and they never will.

Thank you for being the only constant thing in our life that we can stand on when everything else feels like it’s crumbling.

Our disappointed hearts are changed in your presence, because we are reminded of what’s true.

Your never ending love.

Your peace that’s bigger than our understanding.

Your joy that can be found in any circumstance.

Thank you Jesus, for tenderly holding our disappointed hearts while breathing hope back into us.


~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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