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Are Your Thoughts From God?

It’s vulnerability time, people. So here it goes.. I want to grow in my faith. I want God to change my heart so I’m more like Him. I want to live out His will and plan for my life. I want Him to use me in as big of ways as He’d like to.

But sometimes, when I pray about these things, these fearful thoughts sneaks into my mind.

The thoughts say that in order for God to grow me into the person He wants me to be, He is going to need to wreck me.

The thoughts say that in order for me to grow closer to God, I’m going to need to lose the things I love most on this earth. That way I’m totally dependent on Him.

They say that if I live for God, the enemy will be relentless in attacking me and my loved ones, because he wants to destroy those who bring glory to God.

So if I’m completely honest here?

Sometimes I don’t know how much I want to progress in my faith, if it means heartache, loss, and constant battles.

It feels safer to stay as is.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? How Satan puts just enough of a twist on God’s word to terrify us and keep us stagnant, yet not be loud enough for us to recognize it’s him?

Because listen, there is some truth in those thoughts.

I will absolutely suffer in this life. I may lose those I love the most. Life is not permanent and death doesn’t discriminate. I am absolutely going to experience spiritual warfare. Plain and simple.

But I know these thoughts are coming from the enemy because they leave out the most important truths...

...The truths he doesn’t want me to remember so that I won’t jump into God’s amazing plan.

Truths like:

Although suffering will happen, God has a good plan for our life. Even in our suffering, we can experience His peace, love and joy.

He strengthens us, and equips us for battle. We don’t go into anything alone. He isn’t scared and He is on our side.

Even if we get broken down into a million pieces, He gives strength to the weary and His grace is even more evident in our weakness.

He never leaves us. He never stops loving us.

Oh, and this whole life thing? It’s nothing compared to eternity. So if we have our eyes set on eternity, we know that the pain we may endure is only temporary.

Also, God doesn’t call us to sit in fear and dread the “what if’s”.

Satan likes to twist things so that we don’t get to live in the true freedom that is already ours to walk in.

So friend, if similar thoughts creep into your mind, remember that as soon as thoughts come into your mind and make you feel hopeless or afraid, they aren’t from God.

And if they aren’t from God, they don’t hold the full truth.

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