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Being a Deep Thinker can make you Feel Misunderstood.. But it’s also Beautiful.

A deep-thinker isn’t necessarily a over-thinker.

They certainly can be, but deep-thinking and over-thinking aren’t the same.

Over thinking tends to be a negative and obsessive type of thought process, where people ruminate over and over on certain thoughts, situations or potential events that could occur.

Deep thinking can actually be a positive and innate part of a person’s personality.

A deep thinker is someone who looks beyond the surface. Someone who sees things from multiple perspectives.

Someone who will take the time to consider something or someone before labeling it.

The thing is, in our culture, deep thinkers often feel misunderstood.

They don’t look at anything with a surface level view. They like to dive in.

That might mean asking a lot of questions in order to understand what makes something or someone tick.

I’ve met many deep thinkers who feel lonely. They lack the deep connection they desire.

Deep thinkers usually don’t enjoy small talk, but not everyone wants to go into the depths they do in conversations.

Deep thinkers feel unsettled when they know they haven’t gotten to the root of the problem.

They know there is a larger issue at hand than what is being presented.

Deep thinkers don’t usually have the luxury of “ignorance is bliss” because their brain doesn’t work that way.

They think. And then they think some more. And then the look through a different lens and think some more.

Sometimes they wish they weren’t that way. They would love to be able to shut off their brain.

Like other people do.

But the thing is, deep thinkers are crucial to our world.

We need their insight and perspective. We need their well thought out view points.

We also need people in the world who are willing to get to the heart of things.

People who don’t just want to pretend everything is okay, but will acknowledge what’s really unfolding.

Deep thinkers may feel misunderstood. They may not be the life of every party. It might be hard to make super close friends.

But deep thinkers are also the ones who can go into another person’s pain and grief.

They can love someone who the rest of the world rejects because they see more to the person’s story.

They can make someone finally feel really heard and known.. because no one else has spent the time wanting to or trying to understand them.

I’m thankful God made deep-thinkers.

They are a beautiful and necessary part of humanity.

If you are one of them, know that God made you the way you are for a reason.

And His reason for you is good.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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