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Being in the Pit is Brutal, but the Climb Out will Make you Stronger than Ever.

There are times when you simply feel crushed.

When you lie at the bottom of the pit.

And sometimes that pit makes it hard to see any good.

Life feels void of dreams and passion.

Maybe you got there from deep grief. Grief that shook up your whole world.

Maybe you got there from addiction and the shame that comes with it.

Maybe you got there because of the deepest rejection you’ve ever experienced.

Maybe you got into that pit because the amount of times you‘ve failed seems impossible to come back from.

Regardless, the bottom of the pit it brutal.

The thing about the pit, though?

There is a way out.

God helps us out.

Because no pit we find ourselves in is the end of the story He has written for us.

I’m not saying it will be easy or quick.

Because the climb out can be excruciating and it can be a process.

It’s worth it though.

Because as you start to climb, you’ll start to dream again.

You’ll start to feel the urge to get out and be different.

You’ll start to see the glimpses of a light you haven’t seen in so long.

Even when you find yourself slipping and sliding as you climb, you’ll find your grip has changed and suddenly you can hold on longer and get higher up.

As you climb, and I mean really, really climb, you’ll start to see you aren’t the same as you were when you sat at the bottom.

In fact, you are different than before you ever even fell into that pit.

You’re stronger.

Then one day, you make it out.

And even though the pit was awful, you see that God used it to change you to be exactly who He needed you to be.

You recognize, as you look back into that hole, that something happened in there.

Something miraculous.

The pit, it turns into something a bit contradicting.

Somehow through the worst thing that ever happened to you, you see sole beauty in it.

And that’s our God for you...

Taking what’s broken and tragic, and using it for our good.

He turns the bad into our life into something beautiful.

Your life is no exception, friend.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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