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Breathe. When you feel yourself start to go there. To that dark place in your mind that is full of anxiety. It’s a slippery slope and we can get there fast. Breathe.

When you feel your body responding as though you are in danger, even though you may not be.


Even when you are sure something is wrong, yet there is no evidence of it. And no one else can see what you see.


When you can feel those same old lies sneaking in and you feel paralyzed.

Even when it feels so hard to, keep breathing.

As you breath, pray and cry out to God.

Prayer is always important, as it brings our awareness back to Him.

But prayer doesn’t mean you don’t need more help, friend.

In fact, getting help might be exactly what God is nudging you to do.

Get up and move. Sitting still sometimes is the worst thing we can do. Getting out of the space we are in often helps us breathe easier.

Call your people. Don’t sit in this alone. Take power away from it, just by bringing it into the light. We were made for relationship and connection.

Make the appointment. You might need professional help to get through it. Isn’t it amazing God put people in the world to help us?

And keep breathing.

You get through this every time, and this time is no different.

You can do this. You are going to be okay.

Don’t forget to breathe.

And then go do what you know you need to do. God is with you in all of it.

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