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Control is an Illusion, Sister.

Control is an illusion, sister.

It’s this thing we cling to hoping it will give us some sort of guarantee.

Hoping it will ease our fears.

We somehow think that if we act a certain way, or do certain things, we can avoid pain.

We can make sure no one thinks bad things about us.

We can prevent anything from happening to our kids.

It’s comforting to feel like we get to decide how things play out.

But even with the best planning, life throws curveballs that we simply can’t prepare for.

In fact, the harder we try to control things oftentimes the more out of our control they get.

That’s because we weren’t created to control things.

We were created to surrender them.

We were created to do life following the One who knows what happens next.

God didn’t want us to be all-knowing and able to read the future for a reason.

He calls for dependence and trust in Him.

Friend, that thing you are grasping on to so tightly.. maybe it’s time to loosen your grip.

Loosen your grip on that relationship, or that image, or that thing you want to happen so badly.

I’m not saying give up.

But there is a difference between trying to control it and being obedient.

This is where the hard part happens-where you put your trust in God even though He may not do what you want Him to.

Even though His plan might not be what you had in mind.

It’s hard to give over control, I know it is.

But I promise you, His plan is better.

There is so much freedom in knowing you don’t need to control things... because it’s not your job to.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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