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Dear Daughter, God and I will Always be Here.

Sweet baby girl,

There will be times you will wonder if you fit in. You might not click with the “cool” crowd or get invited to all the parties. Friends may cut you out unexpectedly. It hurts, and it’s easy to question what’s wrong with you. But when you don’t know if you belong, God and I do.

You may find yourself comparing to all the other girls. Their hair, their bodies, their clothes... none of it matters, but that might be hard for you to believe for a while. It can feel like their beauty somehow diminishes yours. But when you don’t know how beautiful you are, God and I do.

If you walk around this earth trying to get people to like you, you may feel as though you have to be someone you aren’t. You may diminish certain traits, and pretend to be someone you aren’t. It’s so easy to feel like “too much” or “not enough”. I hope you know you are just right. But if you don’t know who you are anymore, God and I do.

There will come a time when your heart gets broken. Where rejection stings and your mama’s heart will break in two as I watch you in pain. But If you wonder if someone loves you more than anything in the world, God and I do.

When you don’t know if you can do it, God and I do.

When you wonder if anyone has your back, God and I do.

When you feel insecure and ask if anyone would choose you first, God and I do.

When you are sad and wonder if anyone cares and loves you, God and I do.

God more than me, but I have to believe I’m a close second.

You have a perfect God who will never, ever leave your side.

And an imperfect mama who, despite all her flaws, will love you with every ounce of her until her dying day.

So, If your wondering who is always on your side..

it’s God and I.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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