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Dear Daughter, I Love Seeing Myself in You, but I also Pray You are Different.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Dear Daughter,

Although you look a lot like your dad, you have a lot of my personality.

I love seeing little glimmers of me pop out in you. It’s truly beautiful to feel connected to you in that way.

But, my darling daughter, there is also a part of me that truly hopes in some ways you are different than your mama.

I don’t say that to put myself down, but to lift you up.

Baby girl, I hope you don’t succumb to the world’s expectations for you. I pray that you’ll be the kind of girl who is more focused on pleasing God than other people.

I hope you don’t shame and beat yourself up like your mama has in the past. I hope you don’t ever get consumed by how you look to the point of hurting or hating your body.

What I didn’t know then that I know now is that I love my body most when I appreciate what it does and how it helps me fulfill my purpose in this life. I pray you have that gratitude from the beginning and it never fades. Your body is amazing!

I hope you won’t try to feel loved through the attention or affection of men. Not that falling in love is bad- it’s wonderful. But I pray that you’ll know your worth isn’t dependent on whether or not your in a relationship or on how much attention you are getting.

Stand strong, daughter. You don’t owe any man anything and I pray you will always use your strong voice to set boundaries and stand up for yourself if you are pressured (if you ever need help with that, I promise your daddy will take care of it).

The right guy will wait for you and will love you for you.

I hope you’ll believe in yourself. I pray that sparkle you have in your eye and that determination in your spirit never leaves you. You can do anything and I hope you’ll steward the gifts God has planted in you well.

I hope you’ll choose forgiveness. Your mama has a hard time letting go of resentment and it’s stolen a lot from me. I hope you’ll free yourself from that when someone hurts you.. which they will.

I also hope you’ll accept the forgiveness that is given to you, too. You will fall, you will fail, and you’ll hurt others along the way. Don’t let shame be be voice you listen to, like I have. Shame has never helped someone change, but grace has.

I hope you’ll love wildly. That you’ll understand and experience Jesus’ love so greatly that you will overflow with it onto those around you. I pray your love will not just be given to those close to you, but to strangers and even those you don’t get along with.

It’s easy to get caught up in trivial things, take it from me. But life is short and you’ll never regret being kind and showing love. I promise.

Never lose sight of Jesus. I walked away and it hurt me. Even in the worst times, don’t ever believe the lie that He isn’t good. He’s the best thing you’ll ever know.

I know you’ll have to learn some lessons the hard way like we all do.

But I pray for protection over your heart and mind.

Since you’re like me, I know you will be a fighter and find the good in this world.

But sweet girl, I really do pray in some ways you are different.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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