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Dear Husband, Our Love isn’t Glamorous but I’d Always Choose You.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I don’t get butterflies in my stomach when I see my husband, like I did when we first met.

Usually, my greetings with him after work include two wild, screaming children and a very loud, barking dog, and us saying “hello” through the chaos.

I don’t lie awake at night with a smile plastered to my face thinking about him like I did when we were dating.

I do lie in bed at night wondering if we have everything lined up for the kiddos, if we are doing okay as parents, and if I do a good enough job showing him I love him.

Our life is not the romance you would see in a chick flick with lavish dates and alone time. It was a lot more like that when we first got married.

Now, It’s a lot of cleaning our house, taking the kids here and there, keeping the household running while we both work, and just all around trying to make the best life for each other.

This love isn’t what it used to be.

It’s changed in every way, actually.

It’s so, so much more significant.

Because back then I didn’t know that our relationship would be the place that would feel most like home.

The place I could break down and know I’ll be met with a hug and prayers.

It’s knowing that there is a person in this world who is always considering my well being, and looking out for me... and me for him.

It’s him making me soup because I love it, and bringing me home flowers because he knows I’m sad.

It’s me rubbing his back even though I’m tired and really don’t want to.

It’s not glamorous at all.

It’s the place where our ugliest parts are laid out, wide open, on the table for both to see.

Yet, choosing each other anyway.

It’s having a commitment to our very best friend to do the good, bad, fun, and absolutely terrible times with.

It’s knowing you’d never want someone else in their place.

It’s messy, but it’s real love.

The kind you’d die for in a heartbeat.

It’s your person for life. The one you‘d choose over and over again.

It’s the greatest gift.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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