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Do You Know What God Says About You?

Sometimes we write ourselves out of our own story. God created us with a great purpose, yet we just can’t believe His goodness could be for us. We couldn’t really have good friendships, we aren’t that likable. We couldn’t really be successful, we aren’t smart enough. We couldn’t really experience joy, too many bad things have happened to us. We couldn’t really make a difference, we’ve done too many bad things.

Do you know that our weakness, our flaws, our mistakes or downright bad decisions can be used by God in incredible ways?

Those things that you think take you out of the story could be the very things that God uses to create the entire purpose of your story.

Literally nothing is unusable by God.


We have to stop acting like we somehow are bad enough, flawed enough, unimportant enough, or maybe just ordinary enough, to be used by God.

We don’t get to make that call.

He does.

And do you know what God says about you??

He says that you overcome. You are a conquerer. He says that you have been redeemed and saved by grace. He says that you are His masterpiece- made very intentionally- to do good work. Good, important work.

God’s word goes, not the lies in your mind.

You aren’t the author, friend.

Give the pen to God and let Him do the writing.

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