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Don’t Forget to Thank God for the Blessings You’ll Never See.

Sometimes God’s blessing are easy to see.

-Our beautiful children.

-The spouse we love.

-A home.

-An income.

-Friends and family.

-A pet we love.

-A beautiful sunset.


Sometimes God’s blessing are in disguise.

-A terrible breakup that ultimately opens the door to someone better for us.

-A promotion you really want but someone else got, only for that position to later get laid-off but your position to stay.

-Getting fired only to find a better career.

-A difficult situation that grows us and prepares us for the future.

These blessings we can see later down the road, but usually not in the moment.

In hindsight, we are able to see how God’s hand was working for our good.

But what about the blessings that we never see?

The ones where God guides us and protects us and gives us good things and we don’t even realize He did.

Sometimes God’s blessings go completely unseen.

-What if God derailed your plans to protect you from something terrible happening?

-What if God put you in the perfect place at the perfect time so that you would meet someone important in your life?

-Or what if he made sure you weren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I wonder how many times God has blessed us and we have no idea?

God’s blessings come in many different forms.

Just because we don’t see or feel them, doesn’t mean the greatest blessing in our life isn’t taking place right now.

Let’s thank God for all the blessings He gives us, including the ones we may never see or even know have happened.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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