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Don’t Forget Who the Real Enemy Is.

I know it seems like the other political party, the one you wholeheartedly disagree with, is your enemy.

...Or those people who you can’t possibly fathom how or why they think the way they do

...Or the ones who you believe are creating the issues we are facing.

...The ones who get your blood boiling and who you find yourself thinking some pretty harsh thoughts about (yet, you may think “rightfully so” because of what they support or how they behave).

It’s easy to think they are the enemy.

It’s also easy to forget that the real enemy is loving what is going on in our country.


I picture him walking around, whispering lies into our ears. Encouraging us to point fingers for blame, and spew judgment at one another. He is sneering as our hearts fill with hatred and our words with vile.

He comes to kill, steal and destroy.

To kill our peace. To steal our compassion and empathy. To destroy our lives.

He is at work in all of us. Just look inside, really pay attention, and you might see it.

I know that person or those people who you believe are “the problem” really might be behaving in terrible ways. They really might be all those things you say about them..

But “the problem” is so much deeper than that.

Satan is the one we are against.

He is the “father of lies” and feeds us lies all day.

He comes to distract us from our calling, and convince us God isn’t who He says He is.

He prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour.

He is behind all evil on this planet.

It all stems from him.

I’m not saying there isn’t real conflict between us humans. The divisiveness is pretty evident.

I’m saying that the root of the this anger, division, and finger-pointing is satan himself.

He wants to tear us apart in every single way possible.

And quite frankly? He’s doing a great job at it.

Remember this the next time you feel hatred towards someone.

Or the next time you find yourself thinking how “awful” another human being is.

You may wholeheartedly disagree with them, and perhaps they are truly in the wrong.

But know those thoughts and emotions may be an opening for the evil one to come in and consume you.

It’s okay to stand up for what you believe in and fight for justice.

But God did not make us to hate one another. Satan did that.

He is the real enemy here.

He always has been, always will be.

He wants us to keep doing this.

We need to stop letting him get away with it.

Don’t forget who the real enemy is.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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