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Even So, God.

You know there is a bigger calling on your life than what you are living right now.

You can literally feel it in your Spirit.

You feel the nudge to move, yet fear keeps you stuck in your tracks.

Fear that you’ll be exposed. If they really knew you... If they knew how unqualified you were... why would anyone ever listen to you?

Even so, God equips you.

Fear that you’ll get hurt or rejected. Why put yourself out there when it’s been so painful in the past?

Even so, God calls you to take the leap.

Fear that you‘ll make the wrong choice and you’ll end up in a bad situation... so why not just stay where you’ve gotten comfortable, even if it’s unhealthy?

Even so, God nudges you to something more.

Fear that you’ll never get out of the hole you‘re in. Fear that life is always going to feel so stuck, so hopeless.

Even so, God makes a new path for you.

Fear that this world is going to crumble right before your very eyes and you have no control.

Even so, God is on the throne, His plan still intact.

Fear whispers and tries to pull you away from Him.

It tries to make you believe the lies that you aren’t good enough, worthy enough, or loved enough.

Even so, God isn’t controlled by your fear.

His plan for you doesn’t change based on the fear you experience.

It’s set in stone. It’s yours and yours alone.

I know fear is scary, that’s why the enemy uses it against us so much. But we have to remember that God’s love contains no fear.

Fear is not originated by God or something He instilled in us.

That’s not to say that we won’t ever feel fear, we are human. But fear shouldn’t get to make the call on what you do, or where you go in life.

Take HIs hand and trust that He knows where He is taking you.

The truth is, your future may not look exactly how you hoped..

Even so, God is so good, and His plan is better.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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