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When Friends Become Family.

They say “blood is thicker than water”.

Meaning, the relationships within a family are stronger than those outside the family.

But the truth is, some friends can feel like family.

They become so close to us, the bloodline doesn’t matter.

They are incredibly special friends...

The ones you really do life with.

You take trips and go on adventures together.

You love each other’s kids, and you cheer them on as you would your own.

You are there for each other when things fall to pieces. No time is too late for a phone call

You know everything about each other’s life.

You feel at home in each other’s home.

Friends who are like family have a special bond. They don’t need to impress each other, they don’t need to be put together for each other.

You can show each other your messy parts and know it’s safe to do so.

You are choosing each other for no other reason than because you want to.

You are each other’s people.

You might not share the same blood but you share in each other’s life in a deep way.

And I believe that God’s definition of family goes far beyond just a bloodline.

Family is comfort, family is support, family is love.

And sometimes we just happen to find that in a friend.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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