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God Cares About Your Pain

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

It’s lonely, sitting in pain that no one else can quite comprehend.

Sometimes it's even hard to just articulate what is painful.

And when you do explain, you might get met by a pep talk by a well-meaning person.

Unfortunately, pep talks rarely bring us out of deep pain.

Pain is lonely because we know no one else can feel all that we feel, and think all the we think, even if they're in the same situation.

Pain is unique to each of us.

So, when our pain isn't acknowledged for what it is, or for how severe it feels, it can seem as though it's getting brushed aside and swept under the rug.

It can be so isolating.

I hope you know, you with the broken heart, that God is not like other people when it comes to pain.

He understands your pain completely and fully, in fact, He understands it better than you do!

And you know what else?

He cares.

He cares in a way that we can't comprehend.

Every ounce of pain you’ve experienced He has counted.

There has never been a tear shed from your eyes that He missed.

There has never been a moment when you felt like you were punched in the gut with grief that God wasn’t at your side, helping you breathe.

Your pain has always, always been seen and cared about.

I know you might wonder, well if He saw it all, why didn’t He do anything about it?

Why didn’t He stop it?

I've asked these questions before, too.

But just because God didn’t prevent pain from entering your life, doesn’t mean He wasn’t holding you through it.

He was there, friend.

As you picture the pain that you encountered, and maybe the pain you're still encountering today, I hope you’ll picture it with Him in the pain, too.

With you.

Holding you.

We are not immune to pain, and pain will not discriminate.

But your pain will never be shoved to the back burner by God. It will never be overlooked. He is near the brokenhearted.

He gives us full permission to bring it to Him.

I pray you’ll do that.

And as you do, know that He meets you with a caring and tender heart. With unlimited compassion and empathy.

In the way only the Father can.

You are so loved.

He cares about your pain.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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