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God Commanded Rest

There is so much, often too much, grabbing for our attention. So much pressure to meet certain expectations that we either receive from others or put on ourselves. Expectations of being a parent, spouse, employee, friend, family member, believer, etc. We get spread so thin that we lose ourselves.

We are worn out, stressed out and burned out.

It’s a part of our culture. We go-go-go. We do it all. We think it’s how we are supposed to live.

But it isn’t.

God commanded rest. Not because He needed it, but because we do.

Yet, here we are.. our calendars so full and our to-do list a mile long. Exhausted.

All the while, Jesus is standing there, arms wide open, waiting for us to actually go to Him. He’s happy to give us rest.

Like real, soul rest. The kind of rest that actually helps us recuperate. It helps us get our mind straight and focused on what matters. It lifts our eyes back up to Him, the one who satisfies us.

Real rest.

He calls out to the weary and burdened. He says, “come to me”.

We can’t ignore the realities of our responsibilities in life.

But we can make rest a priority. Simply by sitting at the feet of Jesus, soaking in His replenishing love.

This rest will help us do the other things in our life better.

It will pour into our relationships and our attitudes.

Go to Him. You don’t need to say the right things. You don’t need to perform.

Just be. Sit with the King.

If you are obedient in going to Him with an open heart, He will be faithful in bringing rest to your burdened soul.

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