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God is Good, Even when the World Isn’t.

When people ask me how I can truly believe God is good even in a world like this, I can’t help but think..

This is the God who made the galaxies perfectly. Planets aren’t crashing into each other. The stars that He placed in the sky remind me of His majesty. Have you ever seen the northern lights? Wow. Each and everyday He gives us sunsets and sunrises. He made them for us.

This is the God who created relationships. He knew the late night, deep conversations we’d have with a friend or lover. The inside jokes and the incredible memories we’d form with people. He made us to be able to bond deeply with another. In fact, He created the love we get to experience.

This is the God who created excitement. He gave us adrenaline. He wanted there to be music and dancing. He made nature with sights that would leave us in awe. He created us with passion and joy. Fun comes from Him.

This is the God who created intelligent humans who make a whole bunch of good stuff, too.

God made smiles.

He made laughter.

He designed humor.

He made little babies with tiny fingers and chubby cheeks.

He made dogs and cats, giving millions of people the best furry companions.

He made delicious food that we could enjoy.

He made rain forests, mountains and oceans.

And even if I forget all of that, even if I can’t look around and see why God is good, I can always come back to this...

No matter how bad things are on this earth, I can look beyond it to heaven and remember for certain that God is good.

Because what He did on the cross.

His forgiveness, His grace, His mercy.. it’s so, so good.

He didn’t die for us so that life on earth would be easy and comfortable. In fact, He tells us it will be otherwise.

But this is the God who gives us the gift of eternal life.

The greatest gift of all time.

I know life hurts and we all wrestle with our faith at times.

But there is no doubt in my mind that our God is undoubtedly good.

In fact, “Good” is an understatement.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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