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God won't Enable what doesn't Bring Him Glory.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

God isn’t an enabler.

Although He gives us free will to make our own decisions, He still won't enable us when we are walking down the wrong path.

He lives inside of us and is our counsel and guide. He gives us insight into what we are called to do (and not do).

He isn't a passive bystander of our life, and He will convict us and nudge us when we aren't where we are supposed to be.

Sometimes when life is so difficult, we wonder why God isn't making it easier. We wonder why He isn't just making things comfortable for us.

Perhaps it’s because God not only can see what’s unhealthy in our life (things that we often don’t see), but He also knows what we need to grow.

He isn’t going to enable the things that keep us stuck, and don’t bring Him glory.

Sometimes it’s the discomfort that He allows in our life that motivate us to change and transform.

Because rarely do we change things when we feel comfortable.

I’m not saying God curses us or puts terrible things in our life.. He is a good Father and loves us so much.

In fact, He loves us SO much.. that He won’t leave us the way we are.

He didn’t create us to stagnant.

He wants us to grow, to be more like Him.

Growth comes with growing pains, so we can expect to be uncomfortable.

But you know what else we can expect?

A new heart that’s more like Christ’s.

A new sense of strength because know we can rely on God and get through anything.

A new perspective on what this life is really about.

God doesn’t enable the parts of us that need to change and sometimes that means life is going to hurt a bit.

But He alone sees our potential.

He alone works for our good in all things.

He alone knows who we were created to be.

He alone will take our discomfort and turn it into growth and redemption.

He’s amazing like that.

So if you are struggling right now, remember that God may be using this to mold you into the person He knows you can be.

He won’t enable what doesn’t bring Him glory...

But He will change us so that we bring Him just that.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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