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We weren't Created to Know the Future because We were Created to Live in the Present.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

When life starts to feel chaotic, we reach for control.

The unknown is scary.

The future can feel dreadful.

The uncertainty of it all can leave us feeling fearful.

So, we reach for control because it gives us a temporary feeling of safety.

Yet, we know deep down we can’t and we won’t be able to control or determine what happens in the future. This lack of control can leave us feeling incredibly anxious.

There is just so much that isn’t in our hands.

The thing is, we weren’t created to know the future for a reason.

God didn't make us to know the future. He didn't make us all-knowing.

Quite the contrary, God calls us to just live in today.

He calls us to being present with Him, and others, right where we are at. Right now.

I know its so easy for anxiety and worry to sneak in and try to derail us from enjoying today. In fact, it's almost impossible to be present when you are living in the future possibilities that are swirling in your mind.

But when you start to feel your mind taking you down that path...

When you start to wonder how that situation is going to turn out...

Or what life would be like if the worst case scenario happened...

Remind yourself that you have no idea what the future holds, regardless of what your thoughts are telling you.

Your anxious thoughts are not God's. They do not know what is to come.

So breathe and look around you. Look at what is surrounding you right now.

Focus on today and making it meaningful.

How can you get closer to God today?

What could you do to embrace today?

Take it day by day, friend.

And on those really hard days? The ones that feel so overwhelming...

You might just have to take it hour by hour or minute by minute.

That’s ok. One moment at a time.

Remember that God has already walked the entire path of your life.

He’s with you now, and He’s already at the end, too.

Yes, He knows the future, but it’s this very moment He wants to bring your attention to. It's the present He wants you to live in fully. Even if fear rears its ugly head, this day isn't a waste. Look for the beauty and purpose in it.

It's right around you, even if it's hard to see.

The unknown is scary, but remember there is no unknown for God.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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