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We're Never Too Stuck for God to Make a Way Out.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You aren’t stuck.

You might feel very, very stuck.

And that’s totally valid.

But you are never stuck in the sense that there is no possibility you can get out.

I mean, on your own... maybe you couldn’t.

But friend, nothing is impossible for God.

I know it's cliche. I know we throw that phrase around a lot, but it’s actually true.

And it makes more sense when you consider the power of God.

When you think about the fact that He sees every single situation from a very different perspective than we do.

He also can change anything He wants, anytime He wants.

The situations that feel helpless or stuck to us absolutely do not make Him feel the same way.

He can make something out of nothing.

Literally, He made everything out of nothing. Like the entire universe.

He can make ways when there doesn’t seem to be one. Remember how He parted the Red Sea?

(I’m guessing the humans involved hadn’t considered that route an option.)

But in little and big ways, He does this for us still.

He sends helpers to us that we didn’t even see, when we need them most.

He creates new jobs, new pathways, new opportunities just for us.

Ones that we never even would have thought of.

His imagination and plan is infinitely greater than ours.

And so is His power.

Nothing stands in God’s way.

But He can make a way for us.

That means we’ll need to surrender the situation to Him, and say, “only you can do something with this.”

It means we will need to step out of the way, let go of the control, and let Him guide us where we need to be.

We are never helpless with God.

There is no such thing as a dead end to our life.

Let Him reroute you.

It might be a route that doesn’t even exist yet.

But He’ll do it, and the time will be perfect.

And you’ll look back and think “only God.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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