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God's Invitation For You

You might be the person who starts the new year with a bunch of goals and excitement in your heart for what’s to come. You might be the person who feels like the next year probably doesn’t hold much for you, just like the past few years. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of how you are viewing the new year, there is an invitation on that table for you.

It’s from God Himself, inviting you into a new season of your life. Today.

Not once circumstances in your life change, not once you get your life together. Not once you are healed. Right now.

He’s inviting you into a deeper relationship with Him, into a deeper connection.

He wants you to know Him more, to experience His presence.

Not because it’s a new year, but because He is ALWAYS inviting us into something new.

It’s not an invitation that everything needs to change right this moment, but an invitation into a process.

A process of a healing and growth that can only come from walking with Him.

Whether life is super great or super hard right now, He wants you.

He wants to do something new in your life.

A new mindset. A new victory. A new healing. A new perspective.

He wants to do something new. Brand new.

Something beautiful.

The invitation is out there for you. It’s up to you to rsvp and let Him know you’re in.

Of all the goals you could chase, or resolutions you could work towards, I hope you will make His invitation a priority.

Because He is crazy about you, and He is relentless in pursing you.

What better time than now?

Maybe it’s time to start that new chapter that the Lord wants to write with you.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

**Friends- We will be starting a new series on the podcast (The Unraveling Podcast with Kelli Bachara) called “Your New Chapter” where we will dive into this. We will also start focusing on a verse each week, so that as a community we can memorize and store in our minds the beautiful truths of God. It’s going to be great!! God has big plans for each of us!

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I love your writings! Each of them through Jesus speaks to my heart! Blessings, Lynette 2020


Mariah Kay
Mariah Kay

I really needed to hear this today! ❤️

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