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God Still Cares About the Wounds You Carry From Long Ago

Updated: May 14, 2020

People just don’t talk about it.

They don’t talk about how their childhood wounds impact them as adults.

Maybe because they are ambarrassed something from so long ago could still impact them, or maybe they aren’t even aware it does.

Maybe they just want to forget about it because it hurts too much to actually feel it.

Yes, I’m talking about the big traumas like abuse and neglect. I’m also talking about things like never being told “I love you” or shown affection. Or things like constantly being criticized or shamed. Being bullied. Watching your family tear apart from divorce.

Wounds are opened, yet far too many people try to hide them, sometimes for decades.

It’s heartbreaking.

If as you read this, you feel a tightening in your chest or a turn in your stomach, you may know this all too well.

Friend, if this is you, I want you to know that God has not forgotten what happened to you.

He still cares about it.

He was there with you in that pain and He is there with you as you deal with it now.

He knows exactly what you experienced and how you continue to suffer.

When wounds have been around for so long we tend to give up on trying to ever heal from them.

If this is you, I want you to reconsider.

There is nothing the Lord can’t heal, and there is never a wound that’s “too late” for Him to get to.

I’m not saying we can change our past, but we can heal enough so that our past no longer determines our present and future.

It requires vulnerability and courage. It may also require some professional support to have a safe place to feel and process.

But God isn’t asking you to continue to hide it and hold it all by yourself.

So please don’t feel like you need to keep pretending it’s not there.

He loves you SO much and wants you to experience life free of these burdens. Life free of the lies that these experiences have had you believing.

He binds up our wounds.

Even the wounds from long ago.

And He wants to do it for you, too.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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I’m 70 years old and still remember what happened to me. It won’t go away but I want it to.


Mar 02, 2020

Thank you Kelli !!! I know what you are saying is straight from the heart of God. At 60 years old I came face to face with this. It is a story to be told someday, but not today. I can testify that everything you wrote an more is so true. God is doing a wonderful thing in “young people” like you Kelli and I am thrilled to be able to be a part-even at 60. 💕

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