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Good Cousins Make Life More Fun.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

When I look back on my life, many of my favorite memories include my cousins.

Parties, life events, playing in the great outdoors, and just a whole bunch of shenanigans with them were so memorable.

They were such a sweet part of my childhood, and honestly, that hasn’t changed as I turned into an adult.

That’s the thing about good cousins.. they make life better.

The way I see it, if you take the best part of a friendship and combine it with the best part of a sibling… you get an awesome cousin.

Cousins contain the closeness of family, and the fun of a friend.

They grow up with you. You see each other through every stage of life.

You get so excited to be with them for holidays and family trips… because everything is more fun with them.

You have hundreds of photos in albums of you all growing and adventuring together.

They are the only other people in the world who know just how amazing your grandparents are, because they share them with you.

Cousins often (not always) have similar experiences in life, similar upbringings, and therefore have a good understanding of one another.

A good cousin is a great secret keeper, and place to vulnerable. Sometimes cousins are our closest friends.

Cousins grieve when you grieve. They hold you close to their heart.

They also celebrate you.

Even if it’s from afar.

As you grow older, you get to look back and see just how much those cousins of yours impacted who you are today.

I love that God made cousins, because it just goes to show how much He wants us to enjoy life with the people He’s given us.

Spend some time with your cousins.

Love them well.

Not everyone has them.

They are truly a gift.

~The Unraveling Blog with Kelli Bachara

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