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He Is So Much Bigger

This problem in your life.. This obstacle that’s standing in your way.. This heartache and grief..

This overwhelming fear..

It’s so easy to take it at face value.

It’s easy to assume that this is how it ends. With pain and agony.

But what if it’s this exact thing that is a catalyst for change?

What if it’s this hardship that allows you to experience God’s grace and love more than you ever have before?

What if it’s this obstacle that shows you just how powerful the Lord is?

It’s easy to take it at face value.

But God is never at face value.

As soon as something bad comes into our life, He immediately begins the process of turning it into something for our good.

The greatest miracles we experience typically start as a hardship.

It’s that place of brokenness that we see how healing and restoration really is His specialty.

Don’t lose hope, friend.

He is so much bigger than anything in this world.

And maybe He is about to show you just that.

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