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Here I Am Again, Totally Fine.

Here I am, again. Totally fine. After a day of worrying and stressing about something on my agenda, that I was sure was going to go horribly. My brain told me how bad it was going to be, and I believed it. Here I am. Totally fine.

After a day of a tight chest, a tense body, and B.O. like a teenage boy.

Was there some uncomfortable moments? Yep, you bet.

Was it fun? Absolutely not.

Do I want to do it again? Heck no.

But, could I do it again? Yep.

I could, because I can do hard things, even when my brain tells me otherwise.

Because the worry I experience isn’t all of me. It doesn’t take away my skills or my courage or my ability to fight.

It just lies. And sometimes I believe it.

And sometimes the joy of my day gets sucked away because I believe it.

But I’m going to remember this, and I’m going to take it with me into the next nerve wracking experience I have. Because there will be more.

Friend, that thing you are dreading?

It’s going to be okay.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be nervous. I’m not saying it’s easy to shut that off.

I’m just saying you are going to be okay.

You have a God who is walking into it with you who is Infinitely bigger and more powerful than whatever it is.

Don’t let it take your joy.

You can do the hard things. Because you aren’t doing it alone.

And you might just find after the fact, it wasn’t all that bad after all.

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