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How Would You Live Life Differently if You Knew how Many Days You had Left?

What if you knew the exact number of days you had left to live?

What if there was some sort of calculator that could let you know, you have 10,000 days left?

Or 1,000 days left?

Or maybe 100?

How would that change the way you live?

Do you think you would still be concerned about what that person said about you?

Do you think you’d be more likely to forgive someone, so that your remaining days aren’t filled with resentment?

Do you think you’d tell loved ones how much you appreciate them? Would you talk about the great memories you’ve had so far?

Do you think arguments with loved ones would lose their steam pretty quickly?

Do you think you wouldn’t waste your days left on those who don’t treat you well?

Do you think you would go do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but fear has held you back from?

Do you think you would enjoy the little things of life more?

Would you breathe in fresh air a bit deeper? Stare in amazement at a star-filled sky?

Do you think you would cherish the sound of little giggles from your kiddos more?

Do you think you’d put your phone down and look up more? Be more present in the moment?

Do you think you would try to do as much good as possible with the time you had left?

Do you know that this is actually a reality? Do you know our days really are numbered?

But, would you agree that we often don’t live like they are?

Almost like our mind tries to trick us into thinking all of this will always be here.

Sometimes we don’t cherish the days.

Sometimes we don’t thank God for the small things.

Sometimes we don’t sit in the present and just look around in gratitude.

(Or if you’re like me, this happens more than sometimes.)

But I wonder if that would be different if we knew how many days we had left.

I know this perspective can feel heavy, but I think it’s a great reminder that sometimes we stress about and focus on the wrong stuff.

Life on earth is short.

And dang it, sometimes it’s so hard.

But we can choose to start focusing on the things that actually matter.

We can make our lives mean something, and leave a legacy in the world.

We don’t need to know the number of days we have left to do this.

We can do it today.

Brush off the things of this world that don’t matter in the long run.

And focus on the things that do.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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