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I Always Pray for You, My Daughter

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

My sweet girl,

I pray for you always.

I pray you’ll know a friend in Jesus. That you’ll bring Him with you wherever you go and share Him with everyone you meet.

I pray that you’ll be strong, and be the type of girl who does things that scare her.

I also pray that you’ll know it’s ok to ask for help when you can’t do it on your own.

I pray that you surround yourself with good friends and that you’ll be a good friend to others.

I also pray that you will be kind to the people who are not good friends to you.

Everyone is fighting a battle and I hope you have a heart of compassion even towards those who are mean.

I pray that you won’t feel the need to give part of yourself to a man to feel loved.

I pray your heart won’t be fractured in that way. I pray you’ll wait for a man who desires to follow God’s way.

I pray that you will look at injustice and be a voice for the vulnerable.

Whether it’s a kid being bullied at school or an injustice on a greater level, I pray you will stand for those being pushed down.. just like Jesus did.

I pray that you will know you are an actual princess. Your the daughter of the King. You don’t need the big dress or pearls to prove it.

The fact that He created you means you are royalty.

I pray that you’ll know you don’t need a man to complete you. You are complete all on your own.

But I pray you find a good man anyway, one who encourages you and creates dreams with you.

One who takes your hand and chases after God with you.

I pray that you’ll love your body for the temple that it is. I pray you won’t shame it or manipulate it.

I pray that you recognize that your body is a home for God’s spirit, and was bought at a high price.

I pray that in your struggles you will learn so much about grace.

I pray you learn firsthand what it’s like to be held in your weakest moments and to know you are never alone.

I pray you won’t have to compromise yourself or your morals to make others happy.

I pray your eyes are focused on the Lord’s desire for your life, not man’s.

I pray that you know every single day how important you are.

That you were created by the Creator on purpose. He looked at the whole world, in all its entirety and eternity, and thought you would be an important piece to His great plan.

I pray you’ll learn forgiveness can set you free.

I pray you won’t live a life imprisoned by anger and bitterness.

I pray that even though I’m so imperfect and have failed at so many of these, that I can be one of the people who helps guide you through these things.

Most importantly, my baby girl, I pray you know how loved you are.

Our God loves you more than I can explain, but you have a mama who will spend the rest of her life trying to give you just a glimpse of His love for you.


~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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