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I Know You Wish it Never Happened, but Just Watch God Use it.

“I just wish it never had to happen.”

I know, friend. Me too.

But it did.

The things in your past happened and even if you’ve healed from them, you can still not like them.

I‘m never quick to say “God can use this for His good” after someone has suffered, because it can be insensitive when they feel like their world is shattering.

But I am always wondering (quietly to myself) when I hear about someone’s suffering… God, how are you going to use this?

Because even though I might not say it out loud, I know He will in fact use it for His glory.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is God using someone’s pain and suffering to pour into others.

I have witnessed many times, someone using their greatest tragedy and turning it into their own ministry.

I have seen people who have been through hell and back walk through hell and back with someone else.

It’s so beautiful.

Does that mean God wanted that person to suffer just so they could help someone else?

No, I don’t think so.

I think it shows how how amazing the redemptive love of our God is.

He can use anything bad.. ANYTHING… that comes into our life and turn it for our good and for HIs glory.

Oftentimes that looks like God using our stories to give someone a piece of hope that they wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

That’s why I can’t state this strongly enough:

Your suffering matters.

Your story, even if you hate parts of it, might literally save someone else.

It might give them the strength to get back up and keep trying.

It might be the first time they feel like someone actually understands.

You have no idea how God could use you to be His vessel to whisper into someones heart, “there is more to your life than this suffering”.

I know you wish it never happened, friend. Me too.

But there is nothing God can’t make meaningful.

Just watch.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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2 commentaires

Thank you. This is so true. 💕


Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
10 juil. 2020

Amen! 🙏♥️ Thank YOU JESUS 🙏💖

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