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I’ll Miss Your Little Voice When You Are Older

There are a million things I’ll miss about the “little” you.

Someday when you’re older and I look back, I’ll miss them so much.

Your hands that holds on tightly to mine each time we cross the street.

The way your little body runs around in excitement.

How happy you are to see me when I walk in the front door.

The way you climb into my lap, fitting perfectly. It’s your home base.

All The things that make you uniquely you.

I’ll miss it all so much.

But gosh...

I’ll miss your voice.

It’s the thing that I try to hold in my memory the most.

The sweet voice that yells, “mommy! Come play!” In which I think, how could I resist?

The voice that whispers, “I love you, mommy”, instantly helping me put everything in life into perspective.

The voice that shares all those thoughts that go through that beautiful head of yours.

That voice.. It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever, ever heard.

It’s the sound that has most changed my life because it belongs to you.

I know in the years to come that voice will be changing.

I know how puberty works.

Someday it’ll be the voice I hear over the phone when you aren’t here with me anymore.

It’ll still be my favorite sound in the world.

It always will be.

In the future I won’t want to change a thing about you either. You will be perfectly you then, too.

But I know for a fact that in those days I will look back at these ones and wish that I could hear that sound again.

The sound of the sweetest voice that forever changed my life.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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